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Education Overview

     Education is Knowledge and Knowledge is POWER! We at TLC want to help empower children of all ages and abilities with our outdoor education programs. We conduct programs for public and private schools, home school associations, clubs and families. Whether your student is a book-learner or needs a hands-on experience, we can help enhance your curriculum.

No Child Left Inside Initiative

     NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE!!!  This phrase has become our battle cry!  Since the beginning of No Child Left Behind, along with the constant cut-backs in education, we have seen a growing trend of schools who have given up on outdoor education and hands-on field trips to focus on the NCLB testing.  We at TLC are saddened by this trend.  Not because it hurts our business, but, more importantly, we truly believe that everyone needs more time outdoors.  Studies conducted by Author Richard Louv have shown a direct link between the rise in obesity, depression, and ADHD and the lack of time spent outside in nature.  Nature Deficit Disorder.

     Nature is essential for healthy childhood development and for the physical and emotional health of children and adults.  We see it every day at TLC…the “problem child” in the classroom coming out for a program and surprising everyone with his/her focus and intelligence…the sad, quiet child who never talks and has trouble making friends running through the fields screaming and laughing with the other kids…the heavy-set boy who sits by the wall playing video games during recess and can barely make it through a P.E. class without sitting or complaining has just completed a 3-hour hike, a game of woodchips, canoeing, and 1880’s chores and is asking what is next…  We’re hooked.  THIS is the way to teach and raise critical thinkers for the future. 

     We all learn in different ways.  At times, a formal classroom can completely alienate a student who, when stimulated in the right way, could end up becoming a future scientist or educator.  It is very hard to completely involve the students with interactive activities in the classroom.  Hands-on activities are the only way a right-brained student can learn and, more importantly, retain what he/she has just learned.  Time and time again, studies and individual teachers have found that an increased time outdoors increases focus and test scores while in the classroom. 

     Every day at TLC we see the need for outdoor education and the never-ending benefits it has on students and adults.  It is something one needs to see to truly believe, and we feel very fortunately to be a part of it.  That is why we have joined the No Child Left Inside Coalition to try and bring outdoor education back to our schools – nationally, at the state level, and locally.

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2022 Summer Brochure 

Environmental education must be a national priority.  Hands-on, outdoor interaction with the environment enhances student achievement — not only in science, but also in reading, math, and social studies. By investing in education that will grow the next generation of innovators, scientists, and environmental stewards, we will prepare our workforce of the future to meet the many economic, environmental, and energy-related challenges our country is facing.                                          — Representative John Sarbanes (MD-3)

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