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Our Programs

Our Programs are designed for a field trip to the TLC site (remember-GET THOSE KIDS OUTSIDE) but they are very easy to do in your classroom as well. 

Programs are $1/student/program.


Programs must be booked at least two weeks in advance.  


To reserve a program time, call Gretta at (641) 487-7455 or e-mail us at


  • Geology Rocks!

  • Native American Studies

  • Awe-stronomy

  • Becoming Bird Brains

  • Owl Pellet Dissections

  • Water Cycle Wonders

  • Jr. Chemistry

  • Amazing Plant Packages

  • Animal Adaptations

  • Insectigations

  • Pond Studies

  • One Room School House

  • Chores of ‘Yore

  • Seasonal Programs & Hikes 


Youth Field Schools:

  • Astronomy

  • Geology

  • Archaeology and Iowa History

  • Ecology

  • Water Quality

  • Environmental Issues

  • Forest Management

  • Prairie Conservation

  • Wetland Conservation

  • Nature Mapping and Habitat Assessment

  • Team Building

  • TLC’s Field Schools For Youth are ideally for an overnight experience.  If you are unable to stay overnight, they can be cut back to just a 6 hour day field trip. 

Prices are:

Day Field School (4 hrs. of instruction)                            $  5/student

Day Field School (6 hrs, of instruction w/ Meal)               $ 10/student

2 Day/1 Night                                                                   $ 30/student

3 Day/2 Night                                                                   $ 55/student

4 Day/3 Night                                                                   $ 75/student

5 Day/4 Night                                                                   $100/student

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