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Below are statements from just a handful of our many satisfied students, teachers, and parents, speaking about their Threshold Learning Center experience.

     "Dear Gretta,

Thanks again for all your help at camp and at school. You go that extra mile for kids!! You also talk to them at their level and make it interesting."

     "Dear Gretta,

First, thanks for a great program - you have such a great rapport with the kids.  Plus they learned so much! We really appreciate your doing it!  Tell your dad we missed his great "Astronomy Talk."  Thanks for all you do in your job and in your commitment to make this a better world!"


    "Dear Bill, Sharron, Gretta, and Kari,

Thanks so much for another great camp experience. Everything was excellent from the campfires and hikes to the food, canoeing, and riding horses. The crafts were very appropriate for this age level! You are all a great TEAM!"


     "Dear Bill,

Thank you for the night walks. I learned so much about the different constellations. We LOVED the smores!"

"Thank you for showing us the stars. Thank you for letting us sleep on beds."

"Thanks for teaching me not to be afraid of the dark and the Astronomy lesson. P.S. - I found a Barred Owl feather!"

"Thanks for helping us understand the stars - I never knew all that stuff."

"I was very scared to go on a hike in the night until you took us. Thanks for showing us where the North Star is."

"My favorite part was lying on the mats to see the stars - I never knew they were there..."


     "Dear Gretta,

Thank you for taking us on hikes, teaching us all you did, and for you and Cameron showing us how to canoe."

"Thanks for showing us how to canoe and how to shoot bow and arrows. I liked lying down in the prairie the best."

"Thank you for taking us canoeing, it was really fun and I wish I could come back and do it again, and I wish I could grow up at a camp like you did when you were my age."


     "Dear Sharron,

Thank you for cooking up such great meals!"

"Thank you for all of the great food. My favorite was the pizza. I LOVED THE MILK!"

"Thank you for the food. It was so delicious. I had so much food, I could hardly get up the hill!"


     "Dear Cameron,

Thank you for being my friend at camp. I was scared of being away from my mom and sleeping by the woods. You told me they aren't scary, there are only raccoon, not bears and wolfs and things, and your mom would not let us get hurt anyways - that helped. I had fun with you as my canoe partner too. See ya!"






The birds are


The wind is blowing

The water is going over

The rocks

Branches are snapping

Fish are swimming

Frogs are jumping in and out

The water splashes


And that is the day at the


-By Corey Hamilton 5th Grader

Moulton Extended Learning Center


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