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Themed Birthday Parties and Event Packages

If you’d like to just come out and have the kids enjoy the outdoors and you enjoy not having your house trashed, TLC can make your child’s next birthday one to remember.  We will go along with any theme your child may want for his/her party.  In the past, we have climbed large spider webs as Spiderman, chased leprechauns through the woods, gone on army missions, gone sledding, become beauties with our “Natural” spa party, unlocked clues to a treasure like Indiana Jones, metamorphosed like butterflies, learned about frogs for a Leap Year, found the secrets of woodland fairies, wrestled cows during a Cowboy party and more.  If your child can dream it up, we will try to make it come true.  Check out our Birthday Party page or contact Gretta at to learn more.


          "Dear Gretta,
          Thank you for facilitating my daughter's birthday party.  We have been smiles

          ear to ear when telling people about our experience.  We had a fantastic time

          on the nature walk, crafting, and spending time in the barn.

          You really have a unique venue and were so good with the kids.

          Thank you for the memories!"

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